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Mongolian Ringneck

The Mongolian pheasant is one of the largest birds we raise on farm, males weighing up to 4 lbs and hens up to 3lbs. They have a beautiful deep, rich colours and are great for field hunting or meat purposes. We find these birds to be some of our heartiest and robust birds that can withstand whatever mother nature throws at them.

English Style Ringneck

Our English style pheasants are very close in size to our Mongolians, but perhaps a bit smaller. The males weigh about 3.5 lbs and hens just under 3lbs. These birds are incredible multipurpose birds- tower shooting, field hunting and meat. The strength these birds have to get up and fly is something to be seen, but hold nicely for when working with dogs. After years of breeding and researching the “perfect” pheasant, we believe these are our favourite birds!

Chinese Blueback

For our customers who like to the tower shooting method, these are great birds! High and fast fliers who create a truly challenging shot. A smaller bird with the males weighing in at 3lbs and the hens at just over 2lbs. These birds are lighter in colour with yellow and orange flanks and a beautiful blue back. 

Melanistic Mutants

These birds are one of our most special birds on farm. The melanistic mutants have an incredible black, iridescent plumage. They seem to change colour in the sunlight showing off beautiful purple, blue and green hues. The males weigh in at 3lbs each and the hens under 2.5lbs each. 



Our eastern wild turkeys are an incredibly hearty group. We love how dual-purpose they are- their ability to handle whatever mother nature throws at them, as well as being a great meat bird. A fully mature tom can weigh up to 25lb and where a hen will be much smaller and weigh 8 to 14 lbs.



Our chukars are a flighty, but small bird. They are great for hunting, as well as training dogs, especially pups to help them get started. They love dry condtions and weigh in at about 1lbs each. Known for their flying ability and their zebra like stripes, they are a favorite addition to gamebird hunts.  Habitat consists of small grain or brushy terrain. To hold the birds in the terrain a small stream or water source is necessary



The Northern bobwhite is a small quail with a round body and are mostly a mix of grey, rust and brown in colour. Their most obvious feature is the striking head pattern with a bright white facial streak and throat patch (tan in the female). They have a lovely sound and are wonderful to hunt.