Pheasant Gift Boxes

(all gift boxes are attractively decorated with sprigs of evergreen, pine cones, berries, and feathers. Recipes are also enclosed)

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Delivery FREE within Lambton County. A small delivery charge for those outside of Lambton.

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Gourmet Single

1 oven ready pheasant with 1/2 pound of wild rice. Will serve 3-4 people.


Gourmet Brace

2 oven ready pheasants with 1/2 pound of wild rice. Will serve 6-7 people.



2 oven ready pheasants. Will serve 6-7 people.



1 oven ready pheasant. Will serve 3-4 people.


Individual Oven Ready Pheasants....$8.00/LB

Individual Smoked Pheasants.......$9.00/LB

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